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Chris Chrystal

Chairman (Nominated)  Caban Capital PLC

BA, LLB, LLM, Dip Mar Law

As a trained Senior Advocate, Chris brings a wealth of both business, legal and managerial experience to the Caban Capital board. He entered the University Of Natal in 1982, where he read for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws (Shipping and International Commerce) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Law.

Chris completed articles of clerkship with Law Firm Shepstone & Wylie and started practice as an Advocate in 1992 at the Natal Bar, practising as a commercial practitioner. He left the Natal Bar in 2000 but continued to practice in the field of commercial law.

In 2005, he relocated to Gauteng and joined an engineering/mining house as their general legal counsel/adviser, providing a broad range of advice to the executive and business units, encompassing all aspects of business, including financing matters.

Chris is versed in highly regulated industries and have dealt with commercial matters, including contracts, due diligences to closing, listings, and governance in the multinational field and across different legal jurisdictions.

In addition, he has sat on boards of companies and has acted in fiduciary capacities over the last 20 years.

Chris has also sat as a Referee in the High Court, Exercising its Admiralty Jurisdiction, on a Section 5 (3) of Act 105 of 1983 appointment.

He has travelled extensively on business, notably in Africa.


Dave Romero

Joint CEO Caban Capital PLC | CEO TBL Capital (Pty) Ltd

Dave qualified as a Professional Accountant (SA) in 1987. He Joined a Corporate Finance Company after qualifying where he got the first taste of Venture Capital. Dave became the Financial Director and later, the Managing Director of Equivest, a Venture Capital Group.

During 1991, Dave established his own Venture Capital Company which was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on the 25th of November 1997. REF Finance and Investment Corporation Ltd focussed on the ICT industry. Highlights of this company include being ranked 21st in a Business Times Top 100 Companies survey during 1998, ranked the 40th fastest growing company in South Africa, with investors receiving a 1,800% return over a five year period.

During 2005, Dave bought into Isibane Holdings (Pty) Ltd, formed a Private Equity company called Isibane Capital Ltd and was elected as the Joint CEO. 2009 saw the merger of the company with Pulse Private Equity.
In 2012 Dave founded the Caban Group of Companies to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing a comprehensive service offering to small businesses as risk in return for equity. The success of this model lead to the founding of Caban Capital, the Group Holding company, in the UK through which the business model is being applied internationally.

Dave’s passion for developing entrepreneurs often takes him out of the boardroom and into the local communities where he can be found offering advice as well as creating innovative solutions to the funding requirements of public benefit organisations. He has over the course of his career helped hundreds of companies to get started.

Dave also serves on the boards of the following organisations:

  • South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF)
  • Salesian Life Choices
  • The Atlantis Dream Team
  • N//n#e Community Development Trust

Ben Botes

COO and CMO Caban Capital PLC | CEO Caban Investments UK

MBA, M Psych

With more than 15 years of experience in both finding and working with technology companies both in the UK and South Africa in leadership, marketing, product and business development roles Ben now oversees the development of Caban Capital PLC, a business geared towards supporting entrepreneurs in a number of markets world-wide.
Ben is the co-founder of Investors Network, SA Business Hubs, My1stBusiness, SA Business Plans and StartMe, 5 web portals dedicated to entrepreneurs. He holds Master degrees in Psychology and Business Administration as well as qualifications in coaching and mentoring. Ten years ago, Ben became the youngest president of the European Coaching Institute, a body that promotes professional standards and accreditation for coaching and coach training providers in Europe. He is the author of numerous books and e-books on a number of small business issues and has been featured in articles in FinWeek, The Mail & Guardian, The Times and the Wall Street Journal for Europe newspapers. Ben has worked as an associate lecturer at both Middlesex University and the University of New York.

Past projects concentrated on the provision and improvement of online networks and resources for first time business leaders and entrepreneurs and he has consulted on these issues for organisations such as Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Business Link UK, The Prince’s Trust and Shell. He also worked as a Coach for a large range of small and medium size enterprises on strategy and innovation, knowledge management, personal effectiveness and network and support system development.

In 2000, after five years as a Management Consultant and Executive Coach, Ben moved to London from South Africa, where he trained as a consultant with the consulting firm and think-tank Future Coaching. Ben spent much of his time working on strategy, innovation and Futures & Scenario Planning, working with large clients such as HMI, an international hospitality and Leisure Company and the Ministry of Defence. Further work with corporate clients include the development and implementation of cultural diversity and leadership development programs in post-apartheid South Africa for ABSA Bank, Brilliant Business Systems and Toyota.

Ben is a co-founder of Caban Capital PLC.

james2 copy


Director (Nominated)  Caban  Capital PLC


James H Anderson was educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow Academies. He then studied at Aberdeen University, where he gained an LL.B in 1966, and then at Glasgow University in 1967 where after he obtained the institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland qualification in 1969. He joined Unilever Ltd in London as part of the British Universities key intake for management program and was transferred to South Africa initially as Manager Internal Audit and thereafter promoted to the position of Financial Manager for an operating subsidiary, involved in all aspects of brand management, product development and financial control and reporting.

In 1972 he joined Western Bank as the Regional Accountant for Johannesburg, Northern Transvaal and Free State. He was tasked to integrate and standardize the Banks accounting and computer systems and to run the largest Regional administration. This was completed in three years and he was then promoted to Group Financial Manager. That year Western Bank was taken over by Anglo American and then by Barclays Bank. He was then appointed to work with Barry Swart of Barclays to integrate the two banks.

In 1975 he joined Ryan Nigel Ltd which was the top listed company on the JSE and was appointed Financial Director six months later. His responsibilities were expanded to include management of the Corporate Finance and Investment Divisions, which he ran for two years until the company was taken over by Standard Bank Ltd.

He joined National Acceptances Ltd as a director and founding shareholder, and was responsible for developing the Corporate Finance Division from inception, which specialized in mergers and acquisitions, company re-constructions, project finance and investments. This team grew to be one of the most respected corporate finance teams in South Africa.

He has been the Managing Director of Rand Reef Investments Limited since inception in 1983. The company offers Financial, Marketing and Strategic Consultancy, and Corporate Financial Services to a wide range of individual and corporate clients. Clients have included Murray and Roberts, Toyota, Barlows and certain substantial private groups.  He was senior Group Marketing Consultant for ABSA Merchant Bank (€œAMB€) a division of the largest SA bank for five years, with a mandate to develop both local and international business in which period €œAMB€ grew substantially.

 Transactions included the purchase of Cutfin bank for ABSA, structuring and core acquisitions for DiData, E.D.S SA, Murray and Roberts, Bell listing, Winhold restructure. James was also the Merchant Banking adviser to the North West Government.

He re-commenced the Rand Reef Investments financial consultancy business in 1998, offering Consulting, Corporate Financial and Project Finance services including property, to listed clients, SMEs, and BBBEE clients.

The company also advises clients on funding, governance and strategy, including listings and turnarounds.

James is also an independent Non-Executive Director and has served on six listed company boards and other substantial Companies, on several occasions as Chairman of the Audit Committee and as acting Managing Director.

James is a member of the Institute Of Directors and IASSA as well as a member of Johannesburg Rotary (South Africa)

Wade Emmerson

Wade Emmerson

Non-Executive Director (Nominated)  Caban  Capital PLC

Wade built up, ran successfully, and then profitably sold, his diversified family transport and travel business, that ended up employing over 400 people across five counties of England. He moved to Guernsey in 1996.

Wade was continuously involved in that business, through school and university. His involvement, from a young age, exposed him to all aspects of its operations, including such hands-on, practical elements as diesel engine maintenance, bus conducting and driving. This broad spectrum of experience provided him with not only an excellent grounding, but also allowing him to acquire a strong sense of perspective, and a deep understanding and appreciation of the many concerns and challenges that face employers and employees alike.

Once on Guernsey, Wade continued to be involved in business, by becoming a Founder Investor in, and President and Chief Executive Officer of, an opencast anthracite mine in PA, USA, gaining extensive, hands-on experience and knowledge of American business and politics at all levels.

Wade can boast several years’ valuable, practical C-Suite and Board involvement in various listed and private companies, specialising in such varied areas as mining, transport, logistic, real estate and pathology services. He has, effective done private equity for many years.

Wade has successfully delivered projects based in Central Asia and in China, where he often had to confront, and conquer, a diverse and complex range of international business, logistical and procedural issues and challenges in difficult, unfamiliar markets and remote, demanding locations.

Wade has learned much from his years of dealing directly, face-to-face, with regulatory bodies, national and local government officials, politicians, business people and diplomats across the world.

Wade offers wide-ranging sectoral and geographic experience and entrepreneurial and investment skills. His experience and exposure to the business world have led him to approach his various activities, with a high degree of preparation, through establishing a deep comprehension of each particular business in which he is involved. Wade will contribute significantly to the diversity of the Caban Board, and his presence will add independence, integrity and initiative to the Boardroom.

Sharon 2


Non-Executive Director (Nominated)  Caban  Capital PLC

Sharon has two decades of experience working as a contracted specialist to top 500 level companies in the arena of risk management, particularly treasury risk management. Customers included Dimension Data, Datatec, Tongaat Hewlett, Panasonic, Nashua, MTN, Telkom, Richards Bay Minerals, Beacon, Plascon.

Sharon has worked in the financial services and corporate sectors and in the last two decades run her own businesses providing corporate foreign exchange risk management and corporate governance services and solutions. Sharon’s focus is on “adding value to the customer, that is why I get up in the morning”. To achieve this, Sharon has developed systems and frameworks to support her drive to deliver service, something she feels is sadly lacking in businesses today.

Sharon’s experience in risk management at the Board level of more than 250 major, and often worldwide, corporates and her knowledge of regulations, international finance, corporate governance, financial markets and running her own businesses have together provided Sharon with an ability to work with Boards on more than one level – strategic, risk, governance and management. This experience enables her to support Chairmen and NED’s in their strive to improve the leadership by and challenge within their Boards. Sharon has strong analytical skills to complement her communication skills and uses this to help support change within Boards.

Sharon’s entrepreneurial mind, studies, managerial positions and experiences in large corporations, and innovative businesses, have honed her skills in understanding where operational risks lie and how they need to be addressed to ensure visibility to the Board, who are ultimately responsible. Sharon’s mission is focused on business effectiveness and efficiency, using a light touch transparent approach to embedding solutions, often starting this process at the Board level, with Due Diligence and Board Evaluation programmes.

Her career has included roles as Company Secretary at JCI, Treasury Manager for Blue Circle and Chief foreign exchange dealer for Société Générale before starting her own businesses, the first of which was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.