Is Your Business Ready To Work With An Investor?

Is Your Business Ready To Work With An Investor?

As I’m meeting entrepreneurs on a regular basis at the talks we hold, events we host and many networking events we take part in one of the first questions asked are, what type of company Caban Capital PLC works with. As we are an international company the business is actually structured per country in which we operate in and so in South Africa where we started, investment and collaboration there phentermine weight loss happens through Caban Investments South Africa. In the UK we are now starting a similar operation and here investments will happen through Caban Investments UK. So now that I’ve clarified that lets get back to the question of – what type of company Caban Capital PLC works with. Before I answer that question, let me take a step back and talk about the different types of businesses we come across.

Firstly the business size which is mostly related to the developmental stage of the firm. There are broadly three different stages your business can fall under, early stage companies which are mostly getting organised and introducing themselves to the market to an established business, to those experiencing tremendous growth.

In an established stage, you’ve secured your spot in the marketplace; you typically have local or regional name recognition, but are struggling to take that next big leap forward. Your business is paying for itself, but it isn’t growing. And finally, in the growth stage, your business is expanding, and your small business is growing as a company. This is most often the stage we can add the most value to your business and hence we would prefer to get involved with. There will of course always be exceptions and finding an outstanding early stage company where there is a clear market opportunity and if we can add significant value to business, we will seriously consider getting full Before I Fall 2017 film

So back to the question: what type of company does Caban partner with?

We work most often with first and second stage companies stuck between established and growth and looking for a way to move their business forward.
With the Caban business model where we work with a developed network of service providers who are experienced in their own fields. An experienced firm of accountants and corporate finance providers. An experienced sales company and a web and media firm. These businesses can either deliver services such as marketing, finance and sales services to the business or work with them to develop these services more effectively in-house. We in other words add both value, expertise, mentoring and finance to the business.

Evidence worldwide points to the fact that growing businesses seldom flourish if you simply provide them with financial resources. Founding teams are often from similar subject backgrounds so there will almost always be a shortage of skills and expertise in certain areas of the business, most commonly resulting in failure. So providing the business with access to this type of boutique service combination as well as support in finding the right type of financial investment the business we support benefit while Caban benefits at the same time.

So as an entrepreneur this is what you need to consider if you are looking for investors. The earlier in the development process your business is to more risk for the investor and hence the bigger stake in your business you will be likely to have to part with.

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