UPINGTON: Caban Investments Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with both the House of the N//n#e and the ZF Mgcawu Inclusive Community Economic Development Forum to establish a special purpose vehicle to uplift and secure the people and culture of the Khoi-San Nations in the Northern Cape.

The MOU was signed at an official ceremony that took place on 7 November in Upington, a town on the banks of the mighty Orange River in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The MOU was signed on behalf of the Western N//n#e by Leader, ‪#‎Xuu Katrina Esau, with Crawford Job and Simon Paul Louw representing the ZF Mgcawu Inclusive Community Economic Development Forum as CEO and Chairman respectively and Dave Romero on behalf of Caban Investments Ltd.

This MOU covers two areas. The first is the formation of a public unlisted company that will handle the sustainable development of certain mineral rights, small businesses, the agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries sectors as well as tourism.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The second area covers the upliftment of the House and further preservation of the N|uu language by seeking support for the language school run by ‪#‎Xuu Katrina, namely Staar Na Die Sterre or #Ae //Qhoe in the N|uu language. N|uu, the oldest surviving San language of South Africa, was thought to be an extinct language until it was discovered that Katrina – along with two of her sisters and a handful of elders – still speak the language. We will be working with various partners to conduct a needs analysis of the both the language school and the House and thereafter will approach various development agencies to secure funding.

Caban will be providing all the services that are required to set up the various companies and organisations as well as provide access to the various technologies covering building, renewable energy, water purification and agriculture offered by companies within the Caban Group of Companies.

The story of the San is written in the rocks and spans the ages. In recent years their story has been told by others and their culture depressed. This MOU represents our commitment to not only the elimination of generational poverty but also the preservation of a culture and way of life that would leave the world poorer should it vanish.

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