The Caban Approach

A core focus is to invest in high-growth opportunities to maximise returns for shareholders and simultaneously provide a comprehensive service offering to cover all your business needs. From small start-ups to larger companies, we offer the entire spectrum of service offerings. Once the basics of business building are taken care of (finances, strategies, business plans), we ensure the business is visible through all applicable channels. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Caban. Every business is unique and requires the right platform for the right audience.

Caban is a collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs, each with substantial experience, expertise and know-how to focus on areas where the business needs attention. We thrive on building people, we embrace the concept of social capitalism, and we are here to show you the win-win scenario in action.
We have a created a new business model to assist entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs need more than just start-up or expansion capital for their businesses. They also require a range of services and mentorship to lift the profile of the company so to increase sales. More often than not, the entrepreneur does not have the necessary resources to afford the required services to achieve the above goals.

Entrepreneurs approach Caban needing capital. Typically, the entrepreneur has an idea detailed in a document or owns a business that is trading but needs capital for expansion purposes. To attract capital, it requires the services of the Caban Service Providers but cannot afford to engage their services. The entrepreneurship assistance program is as follows:

  • The potential client goes through a due diligence process
  • Once completed and successful, Caban offers the new client a £10,000.00 line of credit to use the Caban Service Providers
  • Caban then instructs the Caban Service Providers to supply services to the client on credit
  • Caban has shares in all the Caban Service Providers
  • Caban lends money to the Caban Service Providers, charging 10% interest as a quid-pro-quo for providing such credit
  • Caban Enterprises, a subsidiary of Caban, assists in the selling of the client’s products or services on a commission basis and in so doing, Caban increases the ability for the client to make profits
  • Once the client reaches a certain level of exposure and sales, Caban approaches its pool of Angel Investors to invest directly in the client
  • The client pays the Caban Service Providers once it starts making a profit, cash flow permitting.